“Adey Chop Meat, No Mercy” Nhyiraba Kojo Issues Strong Warning To Anyone Who Will Try His Business In 2024 [Watch Video]

Nhyiraba Kojo

Legendary Musician & Business Mogul, Nhyiraba Kojo has angrily issued a strong warning to anyone who will attempt to bring him & his business down this year 2024.

He made this warning on his Instagram page on 4th January, 2024 spotted by KP Promotions.

In the video, he stated “his twin brother is a lion” and that nobody should try his business and family because if you do that, he’s not going to take it cool with you.

Nhyiraba Kojo has been going through a lot about his nightclub business in Ghana. 

In Takoradi, a group of people sued him for sound pollution in the neighborhood. 

Nhyiraba Kojo did all the necessary soundproofing but still the neighbors weren’t okay, all they were looking for it to close his nightclub because of black jealousy.

Ghanaians don’t want to see his other colleague success. They wish to bring you down when you are elevating.

He is warning anyone who will try his business this year and he’s not going to forgive that fellow.

Nhyiraba kojo owned a nightclub, restaurants, lounge, apartments and others. He has three branches of NK City Party Office in Ghana which are located in Accra, Cape Coast And Takoradi.

Watch Video Below 


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