Fuse ODG Ignites Passion with "3eak a.m" (Waistline) [Download & Stream]

 Fuse ODG, internationally acclaimed and chart-topping afrobeats sensation,

shows his versatility with this beautifully sensual and intoxicating afrobeats

banger, 3eak a.m.

3eak a.m. is due to get all the girls whining their waistlines to the bass line on


With sultry lyrics and infectious Afrobeats rhythms, 3eak a.m. paints a vivid

picture of a night filled with romance and sensuality. When all the restaurants

are closed, with a little drink in his cup, Fuse ODG enjoys the dance of desire

that is ignited by the irresistible whine of a woman's waist.

Fuse ODG has consistently taken the music world by storm with his

undeniable talent and global hits, but for the first time, fans will hear this

musical sensation singing in a way that will leave them wondering what could

possibly be next for FUSE ODG... An Album maybe?

3eak a.m. will be accompanied by a sexy, yet classy and visually captivating

music video.

In line with the 3eak a.m. vibe, Fuse ODG will be giving the ladies the chance

to get involved in the #WhineandDineChallenge on all social platforms.

LISTEN HERE: Fuse ODG - 3eak a.m (Waistline)

Watch the official video below.

FOR MASSIVE ONLINE PROMO CONTACT: +233 249613290 / +233 270900255

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