American Award Winning Hip-Hop Musician And Business Mogul, P Diddy Has Written Sincere Letter To Hip-Hop (Read Full Letter)

 American Award Winning Hip-Hop musician and business mogul, born Sean Love Combs popularly known in showbiz as P.Diddy, Puff Daddy has written a letter to Hip-Hop to celebrate and appreciate "Hip-Hop" what the culture and music has done in his life.

He Writes;

Dear Hip Hop,

I remember the first time I met you.

As a young man growing up in Harlem in Espanard Gardens.

Seeing B-Boys carrying boomboxes and hearing your sound for the first time.

You were a part of my childhood.

We grew up together.

I was born three years before you. 

And since the day that we met, you changed my life.

You gave me the audacity to dream and imagine a reality that didn’t exist.

You made me feel like I mattered.

You let me know that with you, I could change the world.

I didn’t understand the meaning of culture until I met you.

You have been there through my ups and downs, my tragedies and triumphs.

You saved my life. 

You gave me an opportunity with Andre Harrell and Uptown Records.

You gave birth to Bad Boy.

You gave birth to Puff Daddy, P. DIDDY, DIDDY.

And you led me to LOVE. 

You gave me the chance to be an executive.

You gave me the chance to be a designer.

You gave me the chance to be a media mogul.

You gave me the chance to be a philanthropist.

You have been my therapist, my BFF, my ride or die.

You are the most powerful art form in the world.

There is no me without you.

Today we celebrate you for everything you mean to us. 

For giving us a voice when nobody would listen. 

For giving us light where there was no hope. 

For all who came before me and all that will come after me. 

Happy Birthday. 

Hip Hop I will always love you.

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