ShowBoy deported to Ghana after spending 6 years in US prison for allegedly killing Junior US.

 ShowBoy has been deported to Ghana after serving his jail term in the US Prsion for the alleged killing of Junior US.

The 2HypeGang prodigy was sentenced to six year imprisonment after he was found guilty of playing a role in the death of Junior US.

Per account, ShowBoy did not intend to end Junior US’s life but an unchecked altercation resulted in the unfortunate incident.

While Showboy has blamed AMG prodigy Criss Waddle for setting him up, he has always expressed his remorse about Junior US’s death although he said he did it in self-defense.


In the video posted on instagram months before his demise, Junior US who was having a video call with a friend told him that Showboy had threatened to get him killed if he was ever arrested.

He could be heard in the video saying

“What I am saying is that the boy (Showboy) posted that if I go to jail, you’re going to die ….. If I go to jail I have put $10,000 on your top, they are going to pull trigger on you”

Showboy’s release comes with some conditions including his deportation to US since the crime happened on US soil.

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