Grammy Awards Introduces A New Category To Award African Artistes Doing Highlife, Asakaa (Ghanaian Drill), Afrobeats, AfroPop, Mapouka & More (Read Full Details)

Photo Credit: Grammy Awards

In a move that has delighted music enthusiasts across the globe, the Recording Academy of the Grammy Awards has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its prestigious awards scheme.

News broke that the Academy was considering the creation of a new category dedicated to Afrobeats and music from Africa, and it has now become a reality.

Harvey Manson Jr., the CEO of the Recording Academy, made an official visit to Ghana in 2022, where he reiterated the organization's commitment to representing African music with utmost accuracy. He emphasized the meticulousness with which they approached the task of providing the right representation of the diverse musical landscape of the continent.

The 2024 edition of the Grammy Awards will feature three exciting new categories. The first is the highly anticipated "Best African Music Performance," designed to recognize exceptional recordings that incorporate unique local expressions from across Africa.

Highlife, Ghanaian drill, added in new Grammy category for 2024 Grammy Awards.

credit: pulseghana

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