I Will Go Mad If I Don't Smoke. It's My Lifestyle - Kelvynboy


Local presenters and pundits keep asking musicians this kind of unnecessary question which some ignore. But some also never care about a lying answer.

Kelvyn Boy has confirmed being a “weed” smoker because he fears getting mad if he doesn’t do it in a day.

The Afrobeats artiste who has been seen in many photos and videos smoking said he smokes for a reason. In an interview on Hitz FM, Kelvyn Boy disclosed that smoking has become part of his life. And that he does not see anything wrong with it.

Asked why he decides to smoke in public, he said because he smokes every day, he gets captured by the cameras

He also said that contrary to the notion that smoking makes people go mad, he will rather go mad if he does not smoke.

“I like to stay real and I feel like this thing we dey do is my life, it’s my lifestyle too. It’s my career. This is the only thing I know how to do,”

“For real, I dey smoke,” he said.

He said he does not read people’s comments on social media because he does not care about what they think of him.

“You see the way people dey think say if you smoke you go mad? Me, if I don’t smoke I go mad,” he stated

The singer who currently released a remix of his ‘Down Flat’ said that smoking “calms him down.”

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