Dating A Female Student [Lifestyle Article]

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I remember when I accompanied a friend to go see his cousin sister in a university. Then, I was just about 30.

We sat with her and her friends, just talking with them. The conversation mainly centered on how they were fairing at school, the challenges etc.

Of course, we parted with money as we were about to leave.

A student will always think & talk like a student. Their realities & worries are different from yours.

It's a phase in life we all will pass through. They've their own lifestyle, their idea of relationships, what they look up to in it etc.

Once you've way passed that stage, don't look back.

You can give a lady that's working "5k" & she'll appreciate it because she knows the value of money as she's working & not dependent on her parents anymore.

She has entered into the "real" life & beginning to grapple with adulthood.

You can't really say same for most female students. Especially those that their "eyes dey chook".

Those who never want to manage the resources their parents give them & want to live the "big girl" life.

Those who will say "I can't date a student". Those who can skip lectures to go & collect premium D somewhere esle. These are all what we did & witnessed as students.

It's "normal" in their settings. So once you've gone past that stage in life, find a woman that is in your category.

The "stress" is lesser for you & both of you will Likely be speaking the same "language".

You also cannot rule out the possibilities of assisting her to pay school fees.

This, I'll never advise any man to do.

Except you want to marry her as a student, then don't do it.

But we also know that some student wives do 'wonders'.

Let's leave that as the possibilities are slim. Once she's a wife, there are expected limits she can go. Unless na "Akpako" wife you marry.

My point here is, allow students to date students or may be a fresh graduate can, if she's close to finishing school.

I met my wife in the university. We were practically cohabiting from 200 level till we graduated.

So we ran our "show" together & grew into real adulthood together. We were categories from day one.

Wetin you don pass, you don PASS abeg.

Don't give yourself high BP . Their eye no clear.



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