Shocking; Ghanaian Man Gives Money To Fiancé On Thursday To Start Business, Witnesses her Wedding On Saturday [Read Full Details]

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A heartbroken Ghanaian man has narrated how he had the self-restraint to sit through the marriage of his girlfriend and another man on Saturday after she had visited him on Thursday to take money to start a business.

The heartbroken man from Keta in the Volta Region shared his emotional story on an Accra-based Starr FM Morning Show with Francis Abban.

According to him, while he lives in Keta, his girlfriend lives in Aflao but their relationship was known to their families and she showed him so much love.

He recounted taking care of her through her apprenticeship till she finished learning a trade.

After the apprenticeship, she however asked him for money to start some business for the time being, and he agreed to assist her with the money.

He told Francis Abban that the lady was supposed to visit him on Saturday but came earlier on Thursday surprisingly.

He added that although her visit was earlier than expected, he had already got the money for her business and bought some other stuff for her.

His lover took the money and all the stuff and left, saying she chose to visit on Thursday instead of the agreed Saturday because she would be busy.

Then, Friday which was the day after his girlfriend left his place, someone hinted to the man that she was going to get married to another man on the next day, Saturday.

The man who could not believe what he heard decided to visit the lady’s family house where the traditional marriage was taking place to ascertain the truth and also be sure whether he is responsible for her two-month pregnancy or the other man.

He sat through the ceremony quietly to the end and then approached the lady’s groom to inform him that the lady he had just married was his girlfriend and was carrying his two months pregnancy.

He told the groom that he was not interested in fighting with him over the woman because he has already married her. But he wanted to be clear on who between them is responsible for her pregnancy.

He said while he was having the conversation with the groom, the lady vanished and they looked everywhere for her but they could not locate her.

Source: Starrfm 


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