European Based Ghanaian Artiste, Fredy Singsong Music Threatens To Sue Blogger And Distributor Over Unpaid Claims


European based Ghanaian Artiste, Fredy Singsong Music has threatened to sue blogger, Zolla Vandy Lahm a.k.a Zolla Nie of  and music distributor and CEO of The Distro Plug, a music publishing company, David Bunna over unpaid claims and exclusive rights to his songs, “Bohy3 Bi” and “Whole World”, which he paid them to distribute for him.

Fredy Singsong expounded that he got into contact with the CEO of The Distro PlugDavid Bunna through blogger, Zolla Vandy Lahm who was then his personal publicist. He further said that Zolla explained to him that he was in a partnership with David Bunna so it was safe to do business with him.

Fredy explained that after paying all the money David Bunna charged for the distribution process of his said songs, he never got any feedback as to how his songs were faring. He reiterated that it’s been more than eight months since David Bunna worked on the distribution of his songs but all efforts to get to know how they are doing in the digital stores have all proven futile. All contacts to his former publicist, Zolla, who got him into the deal has yielded zero results for some months now.

After waiting for so long a time without hearing anything positive from the duo, Fredy has decided to sue them both for breach of contract and hindering the progress of his songs, because the opposing parties have not honored their end of the bargain, although he has paid them. Fredy said he started smelling foul play when his song, “Whole World” was uploaded unto YouTube by David‘s team with another artiste’s name embedded in it. After confronting them, it took three month to change it to his.

He has cautioned Zolla the blogger, and David the distributor to wait for his summons pretty soon as his lawyers are working on it.


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