Nine (9) Key Points From Shatta Wale’s “State Of The Entertainment Industry” Address

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale in a video that was premiered on his YouTube channel on June 2, 2021, addressed the Ghanaian music industry on what he went to do in the United States of America, and other matters.

Nine (9) important key points from Shatta Wale Address 

1. Unlike his usual polemics on Facebook Live, Shatta Wale delivered a well-scripted address, recorded in his office, and premiered on his YouTube channel.

2. Shatta Wale announced his comeback from the social media break.

3. He said he went to the United States for vacation but he ended up shooting three music videos for his ‘Gift of God’ album and recorded about 5 songs for the album.

4. He has proposed that music stakeholders come together to settle on a unique music genre that can sell Ghana globally.

5. He said major and popular annual entertainment events should be decentralised.

6. Shatta Wale advised Ghanaian musicians to take the business aspect of the crafts serious.

7. Ghanaians should set an agenda to play 90% Ghanaians music and 10% foreign.

8. Shatta Wale advised powers that be to use music as a tourism tool to promote the country.

9. He added that if the state can spend 10% of the sports budget on music, it will set the music industry on the road to global heights.

Watch Full Video Below 

Video Credit: Shatta Wale




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