HYPERTENSION PREVENTION; Ghanaians Urged To Inculcate Healthy Lifestyle (Watch Video)

A Healingstripes  Herbal Consult, Bright  Habada discloses due to poor healthy lifestyles a lot of people are at high risk of getting hypertension. 

Speaking on the Green TV  morning  show "GREEN IN THE MORNING" he explained  that, the attitude of poor healthy lifestyle  such as lack of exercise,  high consumption of fatty  foods  smoking , excessive taking of alcohol  and others can lead to high risk of getting hypertension. 

According  to Mr. Bright Habada  a lot of men have hypertension  without  knowing  and his advice is for everyone to do a routine  medical check-up  for early detection.

He also advised Ghanaians to be very careful with their diets since it is not curable  but can only be managed when suffering from hypertension.

Writer: Kelly Pinako 

Video Credit: Green Tv Ghana 


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