A Musician Friend Took Me To Tamale For Juju - Mikey Benzy (Read Full Details)

Ghanaian musician Mickey Benz has disclosed that it got to a point in his life where he sought out a shortcut to success.

According to him, when things were so hard for him and his music career had not taken flight, he almost went for 'Juju'. 

In an interview on Happy98.9FM’s ‘Ayekoo After Drive’ with DJ Advicer, the musician detailed that a friend who was also a musician and was not doing so well at that time introduced him to a ‘juju man’ in the Northern part of the country. 

He disclosed that upon getting to the shrine, the ‘juju man’ explained that they would have to sacrifice a loved one to gain success and fame but he (Mickey Benzy) could not stomach the thought of doing something that cruel and left. 

He, however, noted that he almost changed his mind and returned to the ‘juju man’ but was saved by Auntie Grace of the Adumfa prayer camp. 

Recounting the incidents leading to his salvation, he mentioned that his friend, Nhyiraba invited him to the Adumfa prayer camp on his way back from Tamale. Where he prayed on an empty stomach and contemplated his fate.

“I had given up on everything and wanted to do everything I could to blow and was very hungry. But when I got to Adumfa, I started praying and Auntie Grace gave me bread and told me to wait, there’ll be a time Ghana will hear from me.” 

Mickey confirmed that his friend who introduced him to the juju man agreed to his (juju man) terms and blew in a short while. 

He, however, added that his friend’s fame and fortunes did not last. “He blew and was a hit but now he has nothing. He became a popular musician in Ghana. But the devil cannot give you anything for free, he always takes back.” 

Mickey Benzy is currently promoting his latest single titled Nana

Source: E. Tv Ghana

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