Mohammed MusicGh(Mo’qid) Has Finally Unleashed Brand New Song Dedicated To Prominent Business Mogul And Father Of The Street, Sariki Abass(Giwa) [Check It Out]

Ghanaian legendary afro-pop singer and songwriter, Mohammed MusicGh who is also known as Mo’qid has finally released one great song to honour the father of the street and Ghanaian business mogul, Sariki Abass popularly known as Giwa 1.

This beautiful song is dubbed, “Sariki Abass” which is officially dedicated to this great man of integrity and well successful business mogul, Chief Sariki Abass.
The Elephant on the official cover art of the song is the symbol of Giwa 1.

Elephant simply symbolizes Wisdom, Loyalty, Stability, Intelligence, Peace, Determination and Reliability which Chief Sariki Abass can be attributed. He’s best called “The Elephant” because he’s gentle giant and possesses the spirit of an Elephant.

Chief Sariki Abass is the founder and the chief executive officer of A. Giwa Investment Limited.
His investment company over the years has contributed immensely in real estate by offering quality housing and land at affordable prices.

Chief Abass has received several international prestigious awards for his unparalleled building project that has inspired and ensured many to become house owners in Ghana.
The overwhelming kindness and help given to the youth on street and the Zongo community including the care and the needy popularly known as “Kayayei” is beyond imagination.

Chief Sariki Abass is well recognized for his love, peace and unity he always preach to the youth. He’s good influence to the youth and the street love for his warm kindness. He has created so many jobs for Ghanaian youth and the Zongo Community to keep them off the street. 

Chief Giwa is well noted for the fight against violence and land-guard in Ghana. 
Ghanaian Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has been recognizing and giving him accolades in his songs. In 2017, the SM Boss, Shatta Wale composed a song titled “Stop Land-Guard” which was officially dedicated to Chief Sariki Abass due to his campaign to stop land guard in Ghana.

“Sariki Abass” as the song titled by Mohammed (Mo’qid) is a beautiful song with great content about the good works Giwa 1 is offering to his Nation Ghana. 
Chief Giwa is a role model to many and the street appreciate his good work and the song is to encourage him to continue doing good and his reward is surely in Heaven.
“Not everyone will like you, life is full of obstacles. Some will hate you for your kindness and some will say negative stuffs about you but many love you for your kind heart”, these are few words of the song.
Great song you need to listen and share!!

This great song was technically produced by FoxBeat.


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