COVID-19 Update: United States Of America Covid-19 Confirmed Cases Has Officially Surpassed China And Italy (Read Full Details)

United States Of America has now recorded the highest confirmed cases of Covid-19 . They has overtaken China as the country with the most cases in the world of the novel coronavirus, marking a new milestone in the fight against the global pandemic.
China had held the top spot since the deadly virus began spreading there in December.

There were 82,404 confirmed infections across America, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The first case in the U.S.—a man in Washington state who had recently traveled to Wuhan, China—was reported on Jan. 21. Within six weeks, the U.S. began to see a surge in new infections and the country’s first deaths.

New York is the center of the pandemic in the U.S., with its 37,802 infections accounting for nearly half of all cases in the country and tens of thousands more than any other state.
China has reported a sustained decline in the number of new domestically transmitted infections in recent weeks, even infections have risen among people arriving from abroad. The country had 81,782 total infections, according to Johns Hopkins data. Health authorities logged no new local infections on Tuesday and Wednesday, compared with 114 new imported cases over those two days.

The U.S. has only a fraction of China’s population, with just over 330 million residents compared with 1.4 billion in China.
China said Thursday it would close its borders to nearly all foreigners and drastically slash international flights in a bid to curb the reintroduction of the fast-spreading coronavirus from abroad.

Adhere to all safety precautionary measures and stay safe. Coronavirus is real. Stay Home And Stay Safe!!

Source: The Wall Street Journal 

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