Singing About Jesus Does Not Guarantee You Heaven - Rapper BraKoffy (Read Full Story)

Artist: BraKoffy

Ghanaian fast rising talented Rap Artiste, born Amos Baah Yanney popularly known in Showbiz as, Brakoffy has shared that he faced opposition from family members when he chose to do rap music because they viewed that genre as devilish and preferred that he did gospel music.
He has, however, opined that singing gospel songs does not guarantee that one would make it to heaven.
Artiste: BraKoffy
In an interview monitored by on ETV with Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity show, he voiced out, “Singing about Jesus doesn’t gurantee you heaven. I think gospel is about your daily activities. The Bible says we should do good, we shouldn’t commit adultery and stuff like that so if I am singing these songs and I am not telling anyone to commit adultery or go kill or rob somebody, then I don’t think it is wrong”.
Rapper BraKoffy said, singing gospel songs was not his calling as he states that to sing a gospel song, one needs to be ‘spiritual’.

He believes his kind of music he has been doing for almost six to seven years has impact and motivate the youth. BraKoffy is passionate of rap music and he’s confident the genre he’s doing will pay very soon.
Brakoffy has already released three songs in just two months in 2020. He’s currently promoting his new hip-hop song dubbed “Road Up” which features Boorle Minick and Jo’Quaye. BraKoffy also have a jam with “Nothing I Get” Hitmaker Fameye titled “Only You” which is receiving massive airplays on radio and doing great on digital stores.
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Writer: Kelly Pinako (CEO

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