Singapore Police Arrest Lady Carrying Huge Kilos Of Cocaine In Her P***y(Watch Video)

Smuggling of narcotics especially cocaine has increased alarmingly per this video. Many thought smuggling of hard drugs such as, cocaine, marijuana etc are been intelligently and strictly controlled from smuggling it to another country but some people still have the courage to hide it in their private parts believing the scan machine can’t detect.

Smuggling is illegal movement of goods, objects, substances or people  into or out of a country.
A lady whose name was not disclosed has been arrested at Singapore Airport after attempting to smuggle cocaine into another country.

Shockingly, the lady smuggled the huge kilograms of cocaine inside her womanhood to avoid the scanning machine from detecting. She was not lucky enough, unfortunately the machine detected the substance and she was arrested. Female officers and doctors took her to the airport hospital to remove the drug to confirm the substance if it was really cocaine and truly it was.

There have been series of drug smuggling at Singapore airport lately. 
Singapore security agencies are very alert because of these smuggling cases. 

Note: Video is censored for child protection and safety

Watch Video Below:

Writer: Kelly Pinako (CEO

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