SHS Girls Has Been Dismissed From School Over “Allow Boys To Chop” Astray Advice (Read Full Details & Watch Video)

There have been so many indiscipline going on in some senior high schools Ghana Education Service(GES) need to pay attention to. If it’s not sex tape involving a teacher and student, then it’s another menace of indiscipline.

A recorded video which went viral just a week ago involving seven female students offering an up-roaring advice to girls to allow themselves for boys to sleep with.
In the video, the female students said, “ some girls should stop pretending to be virgins. Start giving yourself to guys to sleep with, because when you die, ants are going to eat your body”

The video went viral and attracted massive attention on social media which also drew the attention of Ejisuman Senior High School, Headmaster.
Through thorough investigations by the school’s disciplinary committee, they identified all seven students which were involved in the recorded video.

The Disciplinary Commitee, PTA and the Headmaster of Ejisuman Senior High School has indefinitely dismissed all seven girls involved in the video from the school.

Watch Video Below:

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