Woman Sells Husband To His Mistress For $16.77 To Buy Clothes (Read Full Story)

Cheating is one common disturbing character flaw in a relationship. You may be enjoying cheating on your partner but the moment you are caught, it turns very embarrassing moment for you.

A Kenyan woman by name, Edna Mukwana caught her husband cheating on her with another woman on their matrimonial bed.  Instead of her to beat the hell out of the mistress which most women won’t think twice about it, she rather sold her husband to the mistress for an amount of $16.77. 

She stated, all what her husband know is whoring around and getting drunk.
He doesn’t look after the children and anytime he gets little money, he will be sleeping around with other women so it’s best for me to sell him to the lady who can tolerate him.

Edna Mukwana said, she is tired of a man of his kind and she’s going to use the money to buy clothes for the children. I sold my husband to get rid of nonsense, Mukwana said.

Writer: Kelly Pinako (CEO kppromotionsgh.com)
Source: Africa Facts Zone

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