Kelvyn Boy Spotted Wearing Fake Louis Vuitton Jacket (Watch Photo)

Artiste: Kelvyn Boy

Fashion amongst celebrities in Ghana has been one big problem with some celebrities.
Some find it difficult to blend lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, footwears, clothings and body proportions.
Fashion is part of us, even people who say they don’t pay much attention to fashion, select clothes to wear every morning when they are going to work or stepping out. It boost your confidence when you know you looking good and what you wearing is on point.

“Celebrities” are easily identified by their looks or appearance and what they wear. People have the notion, Celebrities always wear good and original stuffs because, most of them are brand ambassadors to many Labels. But part of our country, it’s never so. Many people look up to celebrities and copy their fashion sense because they believe they know better when it comes to fashion.

Ghanaian Talented Afro-pop artiste, Kelvyn Boy has been spotted on social media for wearing fake Louis Vuitton Jacket and people are mocking him for that. The original Louis Vuitton leather Jacket which estimated cost is $5000 - $6000 was seen wearing Kelvyn Boy but it wasn’t the original.
People are inquiring, if you can’t buy the original LV Jacket, why don’t you buy just a simple and good jacket which doesn’t cost much rather than wearing a fake “sh!t”.

Writer: Kelly Pinako (CEO

Watch Photo Below:

Afro-Pop Artiste: Kelvyn Boy

Original LV Leather Jacket 💯

Original LV Leather Jacket💯

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