Shatta Wale’s “Manhood” Is A National Treasure - Goddess Ginger (Read Full Story)

Goddess Ginger

Ghanaian female nude model and stripper, Goddess Ginger has showered praises to Ghanaian self-acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale’s “Manhood”.

Goddess Ginger 

In a one-one chat with, the female nude model confessed her encounter with Shatta Wale and vowed she is not done with him. She confessed “Yes I have had sexual encounter with Shatta Wale once and I want to have repeated sexual encounter with him. Shatta Wale is good in bed and his manhood is big enough to ride.”

Goddess Ginger is a Ghanaian Social Media Nude Model who has huge following on Instagram. She does Stripping professionally in some coded executive pubs and clubs and also host private parties.

Goddess Ginger 

Ghanaian award winning dancehall king, Shatta Wale is one artiste most females are crushing on. Most female fans crush on him for so many funny reasons.  Some crush on him because of his music, others also crush because of his personality and big manhood. Lol. Girls crush for so many funny reasons you can’t even

Goddess Ginger spreads information to every girl acting like she owns Shatta Wale’s “Manhood” because the lady who really deserves The Dancehall King, thus Michy has even left the “Manhood”.

Goddess Ginger And Shatta Wale 

She said, now Michy is not dating Shatta Wale anymore, his “Manhood” is a National Treasure to every “bad chick” and we are sharing. She concluded. 

Writer: Kelly Pinako (CEO

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