E.C Recorded Low Turnout In District Assembly And Unit Commitee Election Nationwide (Read Full Story)

District Assembly and Unit Commitee Election which happened on Tuesday, 17th November, 2019 organized by Electoral Commission Of Ghana was not impressive as citizens of Ghana didn’t come out to exercise their right to vote. 
Despite the massive campaigns and commercials on Television and Radio, The District Assembly Election turned out badly on the Election Day.

Assembly District Election - 1994 (ACT 473) section - 2 by law is election organized by Electoral Commission Of Ghana to elect one qualified assembly member from every district. Citizens  of Ghana have to exercise their right to vote to elect Assembly Member and Unit Commitee Members on that scheduled date.

Districts are governed by District Assemblies which is one person from each Electoral Area within the district elected by citizens living in that particular district.
 There are 216 districts and Districts of Ghana are second-level administrative subdivisions Of Ghana, below the level of region.

Writer: Kelly Pinako (CEO KP Promotions)
Photo Credit: Voice Of America 

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