I Don’t Support Strongman Burner Performing At Medikal’s “Welcome To Sowutuom Concert” - Dr Pounds

Dr. Pounds

Prolific Ghanaian Radio Presenter, Dr. Pounds on Monday Evening, 2nd December, 2019 stated, he is not in support for Strongman Burner performing at Medikal’s “Welcome To Sowutuom Concert” which happened over the weekend.

So many events happened over the weekend and one epic event was Medikal’s “Welcome To Sowutuom Concert”. One event that can’t be left out when entertainment critics and presenters are discussing events.

In a discussion on Hitz Fm’s Hitz Gallery, an After-Drive show hosted by Dr. Pounds, Sergio Manucho was reviewing the events and Dr. Pounds made a comment, he does not support Strongman performing at “Welcome To Sowutuom.”

Medikal and Strongman were involved in a “dirty” lyrical beef months ago and we thought the beef will never end. Dr Pounds stated, sometimes lyrical beef makes the industry exciting and Strongman Burner would have been set up for the fans to “hoot” him on stage.

Multi-media Sport Journalist and regular guest on Hitz Gallery, Sergio Manucho with all the gist at the event said, Medikal’s Team contacted the rapper, Strongman Burner to perform and they paid him for that so it was strictly business. They can’t do such thing but Dr. Pounds still insist, it’s Showbiz and they can do that for hype or start another beef but at the end nothing of that sort happened. It was all fun and peace.

A tragedy occurred where a set of Speakers each weighing 40kg accidentally fell on some fans which resulted in serious injuries and they were immediately rushed to the hospital. Rapper, Medikal and his team are taking responsibility of every casualty.

Writer: Kelly Pinako 

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