“Cardi B Concert” Was A Flop In Ghana But Cardi B Performance Was Epic. Check Six(6) Factors Why It’s Described As “Flopped” Show

Cardi B.
This weekend was described as dramatic and fan packed as we enter the Christmas season tagged as the “Year Of Return”. This weekend was probably one of the longest in Ghana as we celebrated our farmers.

One massive event on Sunday was “Cardi B Concert” live in Ghana which happened at Accra Sports Stadium organized by LiveSpot. The event was massively hyped on all media platforms with the aim of having a great massive show in Ghana but it didn’t turn out as it was planned.

Cardi B is American multi award winning Hip-Hop artiste, actress and tv personality who entertain with her music and has huge fan base across the globe. It was her first time visiting Africa (Nigeria and Ghana) and she had so much fun experience in Africa as you can see on her Official Snapchat Account.

Cardi B.

“Cardi B Concert “ has been one most talked about show this week even though the organizers flopped the Show.
The Grammy Award winner stole the show to prove  she’s the best female rapper in America at the moment and no one can challenge her for that title. She performed wild with crazy energy on the stage. Fans were lit and cheering her up which gingered her removed her wig and threw it in the crowd. This the second time she has removed her Wig on stage.

These Are The Five Reasons The Concert Flopped Even Though Cardi B’s Performance Was Rated 80%

1. Poor Organization - Some Ghanaians Celebrities were invited to “Meet And Greet” Cardi B due to poor organizations, the celebrities stood there for hours whilst Cardi B was at the pool side enjoying Khebab(Meat)

2. Top two (2) Ghanaian musicians, Sarkodie and Shatta Wale were billed to perform but they were not able to. Not even  them alone, some top Nigerian musicians couldn’t also perform and fans really felt disappointed.

3. Stage Light went off for almost 1hour before Eno Barony came on stage.

4. Sound and Mics went off for awhile and Cardi B wasn’t comfortable with it which she confirmed that.

5. Fans throwing bottles due to poor security.

6. The Stadium was not filled to full capacity as organizers were expecting because of how the show was massively hyped.

Writer: Kelly Pinako (CEO KP Promotions)

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