EBONY’S HAUNTING SHADOW: Female Vocalist, Chikel Baibe finally opens up! ( Read Full Story)

Chikel Baibe, a new female singer has expressed delight in the fact that, Ebony's ever imposing musical shadow has finally been casted off her career for her fans to enjoy her true identity. Owing to the signing of a new artiste by the late Ebony's father, Mr Kwarteng, Chikel Baibe believes this single act is enough to wean fans off seeing and referring to her as an "Ebony-like" act.

Chikel Baibe who just completed S.H.S about a week now seems to be happy about the announcement by Ebony’s father. Mr Kwarteng has introduced a new artist under his records label to represent her daughter and continue her legacy.

She believed with this news people are now going to stop tagging her name and music under Ebony Reigns shadow.

Chikel Baibe

"It's relevant for entertainment critics to appreciate the statement by Chikel Baibe because she acknowledged the influential brand and the level of impact Ebony had on the music industry. However, she wants her own brand to precede her career" — Hakeem Ellis, CEO of Hakell Entertainment, (a custodian label for Chikel Baibe).

Taking to her Instagram page, @Chikelbaibe posts.

“Thanks be to God, now that starboy-kwarteng has introduced the Ebony replacement under #Bonytotheworld _Records I believe people will stop tagging me under the shadows of the Late dancehall Queen Ebony and appreciate  my talent without tagging me as ebony replacement.

Is about time Ghanaians  realize am Chikel Baibe and not Ebony …

Chikel Baibe

Few month ago Chikel dropped a song titled 'kweku' featuring Amwan which is doing very well enjoy it here ...


Chikel Baibe is currently preparing to release a fresh single featuring award winning rapper Tee Phlow (@teephlowgh) — produced by Danny Beatz.

Watch studio section video below



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