The President Of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo-Dankwa Akuffo Addo, has presented 2019 State Of The Nation Address to the lovely people of Ghana and has been rated the best. 

This is the 3rd State Of The Nation’s Address by the President of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Akuffo on the floor of Ghana’s Parliament.

Here are some highlights from his speech:

  * The 2019 national independence day will be celebrated in Tamale, for the first time.
  * In a period of 62 years, Ghana has had to go the IMF 16 times. This is unacceptable.
  * Recent GDP growth placed us among the highest in the world
  * Ghana's real GDP estimated at 7.6%.

  * We're continuing with initiatives to improving the Creative Arts Sector and are finalising the Creative Arts Bill.
  * 50% of toll booth managers will be persons with disability.
  * We are not getting as many people coming into Ghana as we should. We're making a special effort to attract tourists under the see Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana campaign.
  * Last year I reiterated my pledge to making Accra the cleanest City in Africa by the end of my term. There's been a significant improvement, although I acknowledge that more can be done. I will make Accra the cleanest by the end of my term.
  * The government has prepared a plastic management policy. About 82% of Ghana's plastic waste will be recovered and recycled with existing technology.
  * We will establish a state-of-the-art recycling plant at Agbogbloshie, the construction of which will start in April.

  * I'm pleased to announce that gas production tripled from 100M to 300M cubic feet in the last year.
  * The Jubilee House from August this year will be powered by solar energy as an example to others.
  * The creation of the 6 new regions is going to open up the country and create more opportunities.
  * In addition to the creation of 38 MDAs, the way is being paved for the elections of MMDCEs.
  * We intend to introduce measures that will ensure that we have the firmest foundations for the economic takeoff that has eluded us for so long.
  * The fight against child labour has chalked some moderate success. Ghana has moved up from on the trafficking watchlist.
  * Our ports remain national assets we must manage them to improve trade for the benefit of Ghanaians.
  * Poverty should not be an excuse for any.
  * The Saglemi Housing project started by the NDC is high on our list of priorities this year. The 5, 000 units it offers will boost our housing situation.
  * Drone technology has been introduced into the health system for the delivery of medical products and blood while we're expecting the delivery of 275 ambulances in June.
  * Plans in place to avert perennial flooding of Bagre dam spillage.

  * It's unfortunate that in 2019 we have to come back to this but open defecation cannot be a characteristic of a country hoping to be counted among the developed ones.
  * MASLOC has been revamped and is getting back to do what it was set up to do. There has been strict adherence to credit procedures and prudent management of the credit recovery process. These have resulted in a recovery rate of 89% of loans administered under a pilot scheme introduced in 2017.
  * MASLOC was given an amount of GH¢35 million in October 2018 for disbursement. This is the first time an amount of such magnitude has been given to the Centre outside of an election year.
  * So far, 87% of the monies disbursed from MASLOC have gone to women, i.e. to 24,582 women. The 2016 NPP Manifesto promised to allocate 50% of MASLOC funds to women, and we have surpassed this promise.
  * In 2019, MASLOC will give increased attention to youth start-up businesses in vegetable farming, poultry, piggery and fish farming
  * Because of Planting for food and jobs, Ghana no longer imports plantain from Cote D'iVOIRE. The minister of Agric needs to be commended immensely.
  * 7,000 jobs to be created under the AFJ from between 2019 - 2021.
  * Ministry of finance is to set up a $1billion fund for the housing sector for small to medium income earners.

* The MenzGold debacle is a tragic phenomenon that appears to have occurred in plain sight, and affected a lot of people, in spite of warnings from official institutions.
  * I admonish all Ghanaians to learn the necessary lessons for the future, even as State institutions work to bring a resolution to the matter, and those who are seen to have indulged in criminal activities, are brought to justice.
  * The existence of a body such as the newly inaugurated Presidential Financial Stability Advisory Council would have forestalled the emergence of the Menzgold saga.
  * Will make it difficult, in future, for any such scheme to get off the ground.
  * Thanks to the programme for “Planting for Food and Jobs”, admirably organised by that outstanding Minister for Agriculture, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto.
  * This House stands informed, that, in 2018, exports of food crops such as cassava, rice, yellow and white maize, soya, plantain, cowpea and yam were made FROM Ghana to Burkina Faso, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire in considerable quantities.
  * We had a bumper harvest of produce, and, last year, we did not import a single grain of maize.
  * US $1 million loan money has been earmarked for the construction of twelve (12) landing sites and two (2) fishing harbours in some selected fishing communities in the country.
  * Recently, I cut the sod to commence work at the Jamestown Harbour Complex, which, like the development of Elmina Fishing Harbour, is part of our plans for the fishing sector in 2019.

  * Quote : "My target is for the next generation, not the next election...... ":

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