A veteran Ghanaian rapper who is popularly known as Dogo recorded a diss song to Kwaw-Kese for dissing Shatta Wale.
Paa Dogo was one of the rappers which most of the rappers had inspirations from. He was also one of the Last Two Boys, Hammer brought up. Dogo was part of Hammer’s first Compilation. He was one of the artiste that had Hit on the Compilation, which most of Ghanaians believed, Sarkodie got inspired by his style of rap when he was coming up.

Kwaw-Kese has been in a “beef” with Shatta Wale for some time now and Paa Dogo attested, he is not conversant with what was going on between the two. Dogo said , he held Kwaw-Kese’s hand to Hammer(The Last 2) and Shatta Wale has been on the hustle ground for long when he was coming up, he should give him that respect. Paa Dogo said, “ I will always pay homage to Bola Ray where ever I see him because he has supported my career when I was coming up”

According to Paa Dogo, Shatta Wale never stepped on Kwaw Kese’s toes but he claimed he is the" mad man “ so he started dissing Shatta Wale , whilst Kwaw-Kese even owes him a Diss song. He has been saying ill about him for long.
Paa Dogo went on to say, he has been through a lot since he was young and now he is a changed man.
Paa Dogo said he was in vices but now he has stopped smoking fourteen years now and stopped drinking for the past six years. He said, some friends only meet you in clubs and bars but they don’t know where you live. He has stayed away from those friends now and he is now concentrating on his career.

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