Only The Youth Can Put Ghana On The Map – By Aletey

Ghanaian should understand this especially the (Creative Industry and Ministry of Tourism). There is one way to Promote Ghana out there, which is the ‘Youth’ !.

Allow the youth to use new media to promote Ghana outside through social media or train them  further and this can be a major way for Government to create job for the youth, This the only way we can put Ghana on the map.

I want  to use this opportunity to  create  awareness here, Not long a go there was a controversy on social media between so call Supa(Ghana Tupa) and Gariba.

This issued really trend, in fact I even fall sick and I was like, Ah God why sometimes our media so cheap oh. This peoples  got attention on all social and free airtime on radio for interviews,people talked a lot  about it,tweets about it and even some blogger were promoting it. The attention was huge some artists even joined the challenge meanwhile there are a lot of talent out there to promote, DJ,Presenters  and some ‘hungry bloggers’ gave them attention why?.

After all this time wasting and they would like play 80% Ghana Music, We need unity to promote our industry ,Artist are not unite, this and that a hole lot of things.
What  80% Music and What unity we are talking of?

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